They Say

  • They will incorporate the world
  • Over my Dead body,
  • Over my dead body Over Mine!
5 new puppies in my life!
3 days old

The anarchist critique of modern society means:

“to seek out and identify structures of authority, hierarchy, and domination in every aspect of life, and to challenge them; unless a justification for them can be given, they are illegitimate, and should be dismantled, to increase the scope of human freedom. That includes political power, ownership and management, relations among men and women, parents and children, our control over the fate of future generations (the basic moral imperative behind the environmental movement…), and much else. Naturally this means a challenge to the huge institutions of coercion and control: the state, the unaccountable private tyrannies that control most of the domestic and international economy [i.e. capitalist corporations and companies], and so on. But not only these.”

— Noam Chomsky, ‘Marxism, Anarchism and Alternative Futures’
Photo By: Craig Larsen Jr.
By: Lisa Nilsson
Saritah show tonight! Just closed up and
Saritah said yes to being my wife..Yeah!… and what a lovely wedding it will be!
Saritah, Sista Lu you are so magical and I can’t wait for your next USA tour! 
I love SoulFood Open Mic

J.R. Eyerman’s peek inside the opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length color 3-D feature, certainly is peculiar: Men and women, young and old all angle in the same direction, formally dressed but for those silly specs over their eyes.
Funny as it is, with the audience members coming off like clones of an alien species, there’s also prescience in the photo — not just about the emergence of special effects in cinema but also, on a deeper level, about the hypnotizing nature of our entertainment. 
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As long as people are queuing up outside stores inorder to buy games that romanticize murder, fetishise killing and simulate death there will always be war.